Welcome to VPTAD!

VPTAD is the student-run Teacher Appreciation Day project at Veritas Scholars Academy. We will be collecting teacher appreciation letters until The Friday Finals Close. On May 1st, the teacher of the year poll will end. On June 10th the letters will be released to the teachers flooding them with our appreciation.

We may feel as though we're dragging ourselves towards summer, but fatigued as we are, let us not forget our incredible leaders, who have been fearlessly guiding and pushing us along the path. This is the time to recognize the tireless efforts of our amazing teachers!

Letter goal: 2,000 letters

How to Participate:

  1. Write your letters!
    • You can write a letter to any teachers that you appreciate, even if you don't have them this year! They can even be the teacher of a friend or sibling!
    • Deadline for letters is the Friday Finals Close.
  2. Tell your friends!
    • We need your help in getting the word out. In order to flood the teachers with letters, we need people to be writing the letters!
  3. Tell your teachers to check their email on June 10th!
    • We'll be letting them know that they have letters waiting for them, but you can help!
  4. Write us with any suggestions you have for the project!
    • If you are concerned or confused, check out the FAQs page before contacting us.
    • To contact us, use the contact us page.
    • There's more than one way to show your appreciation for our teachers! If you have any ideas or are planning a project of your own, be sure to let us know! We'd love to support you!